The Girl

I'm Marjorie.

I've been blogging here since about... 2007.

This blog tells the story of my life. It's the only journal that I haven't tossed in the trash.

Since the beginning, I've gone through a lot to make me realize that life is a constant struggle.

I may not be as hyper as I once was, but I'm still as hopeful and full of dreams.

Sometimes I talk about my hectic life.
Sometimes I talk about my failures.
Sometimes I talk about what God is doing in my life.
And other times I just compare myself to random things, like zoo animals or that witch from halloween.

When I'm not parading around online you can find me out on the town. Or in a shed. Or maybe a random field/dirt road.

I love Bob Marley, sweat pants, and coffee. I try to focus my life around God, Friends and Family. And I love a good quote about peace, happiness, love or hope.

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