Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hometown Blues

I don't get it.
It's spring break,

and where am I?

right. here.

Doing the same old thing that I do when I'm in the city and stuck in my apartment.

What should I be doing? you may wonder.
I don't know. I should be, playing in the fields. Swinging on the front porch swing. Driving down the road with my windows down. Laying on the beach. Riding a horse. Fishing, hunting, skeet shooting...
SOMETHING where I am using energy, having fun, and enjoying the outdoors.

I mean I get so sick and tired of the city sometimes, because the only time I get to be outside is when I go lay by the pool, or when I'm walking somewhere (ie. to class, a job interview.. that's pretty much it)

Which, don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy both activities.

But I miss the days of playing catch in the front yard, or basketball at the park. The days my brother and I would head out to Mr. David's pond and fish, and when we could gather a group of friends and head out to the golf course.

I miss the days of putting on my shorts and tank top and heading out to the high school baseball games, the local mud runs, or just the BP.

I miss being able to do these things by myself knowing that when I show up, I will be surrounded by people I know and I will be socializing for hours.

This spring break, I went to the mud bog and did not recognize anybody.
I made plans to go golfing with some friends, who canceled on me.
I even revisited the high school for a baseball game and found out that everyone I used to know and associate with have either
A) forgotten all about me, or
B) moved away.

It is just crazy how much things have changed in the past 2 years. I used to be able to drive to town and stay there for hours, because everywhere I went I would see a friend. But now? I drove through town today and it literally took me 30 seconds to get in and out.

It's depressing to me.
But I guess it's a part of growing up. And it's going to make going back to the city a whole lot easier.

Now I get why people who move away never come back.


Kelley said...

Don't be sad! I mean, I understand why it might make you sad, but it has happened to all of us. A lot can change in 2 years. I doubt people have forgotten about you. Sometimes we just have a series of events that happen that bring us down. Brighter days are coming!

XLMIC said...

When I left my hometown, it took me 12 years to move back. When I'd visit, it was like what you are describing. But by the time I moved back, most of the people I knew who had ALSO gone away for young adulthood had returned... and it felt like home again :)

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

Bummer! I remember when I moved back home for a year after college most of my friends had moved away or moved on too. I used the time to become closer to my siblings and parents, which in retrospect I am really happy that I did because a year later I moved across the country and now looking back, I wouldn't trade that time for anything :)

Happy Sunday!

che'lyssa said...

Oh man! I know how you feel about everyone changing like the wind. I come from a small town (actually, an island) and once everyone is out of HS, things change. It sucks, but there are so many other beautiful people to meet :) Happy Spring Break!

Love from the hop-

Marjorie said...

Yall are so right! It'll just take some time getting used to the change.
thanks for the love :)

Ashley said...

Aww...I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing this. That is never fun! I feel the same way when I go home. Because I live so far away from my family now, I really don't want to go anywhere else except with my family. If I go out to the bars, its with my cousins, if I go out to eat, it's with my parents. VERY RARELY are my high school bff's home the same time I am, and if they are, we go out for dinner and drinks one night...and then I feel bad because I feel like I'm cheating on my parents with them...haha. While it is sad, just know, you have moved on and you are not one of those "townies" that will stick around there forever!!!

Enjoy your spring break with nothing to do and everything as a possibility, and if all else fails, spend the ENTIRE week outside and tell everyone back at school that your amazing tan was from your sweet vacay in Aruba! ;-)

Marjorie said...

haha I like that idea!!! :)
And sometimes I feel the same way as you, when I do go out with my friends, I feel like I'm cheating on my family! lol too funny