Friday, January 21, 2011


I’m sitting here, on a Friday night, Indian-style on my bed with a can of Tootsie Rolls pouring out beside me. I have been through so much this week I know it will make for great stories. But it’s all so personal I want to stray as far away from it as I can.

For now, I want to sort through the mess in my mind to discover what I am doing home, blogging, eating
Tootsie Rolls after my hour workout on a Friday night.

I don’t know how many calories are in a Tootsie Roll, but I can tell you I didn’t burn enough to eat these AND dinner.

So why am I here and not catching the late showing of No Strings Attached? Or line-dancing with my girls at Skyline, or shagging at Jillians? Or even in my living room playing the wii with a couple friends?

Well, according to me it’s because “I don’t like people.”
*awkward pause*

-side glance-

Just kidding. I would NEVER admit to not liking people. Especially to a stranger. Especially when I’m alone and probably shouldn't be.

Oh wait, yeah, I would. In fact, I did when I was left to ski all by myself this past weekend.

I was kind of regretting separating from the group. Not happy to be alone.
I got on the ski lift with this guy from Mississippi.

He kept asking/telling me random stuff like:

“So I just figured out those aren’t deer tracks. I was thinking DANG Tennessee has some huge deer. But then I learned they are bunny tracks. The two feet, and the little tail.”

Those were his first words to me. How am I supposed to react to this when
I don’t even see the tracks he’s talking about?

He continued talking.
“What’s your name?”


oh here we go again.

“So single, married? Kids, no kids?”
I don’t know you.. “Single, no kids.”
“Oh well how’d that happen?”
“Um, I don’t know. I don’t like people.”
Okay, shutting down now.

Note to self: don’t tell strangers you don’t like people.

It was not the reaction I expected. Looking back, I guess I should have expected something similar. But I don’t know, I guess I have an issue where I assume people have my same sense of humor, when they clearly don’t.
Luckily we had time to clear it up and laugh it off.
And a few hours later he saw me skiing down an expert slope and shouted out from the ski lift, “Marjorie! You Rock!” And I did the friendly, people-loving thing and waved.

Then took a dive for the worst. Tumbled forward, lost my ski’s and slid halfway down the mountain on my face. Thank God for the wood pole that stopped me or I would have flown right over the snow tubers.

So anyway. I’m people-loving, I may not always be the best at showing it, but it does come out eventually.. so that can’t be the reason I’m here.
And despite what I sometimes lead you to believe, I do have friends....

You know what. Maybe sometimes I just like to be alone.
Is that so hard to understand?
I mean, I got back from classes today and watched E! all day long - with no one here to judge me.

I especially love Keeping up with the Kardashians, which is incredibly hilarious and though the sense of humor is kind of out there and ridiculous, who am I to judge? I tell complete strangers I don’t like people. Note to self: not funny.
Then, I went to the gym. And when I came home..
I got to shower with my music as loud as I wanted,

with the doors wide open.

I got to air dry.
AND I got to dance around the house shamelessly like a white girl with my facial mask on while cooking my ravioli.

And guess what, if I was going out, or having people over, I would not have gotten to do any of that. Sure I would have been laughing and having a good time with friends. But I think alone time is just as important to one’s complexion and sanity.
Besides, I make myself laugh. So BOOM!


Janey said...

I think I've told people I don't like people before and there is also a pause until people realize its a joke. Je comprend!

Patti S. said...

Yesss! Alone time is necessary every now and then!

Ashley said...

It's hard when people don't understand your sense of humor or sarcasm. Some people just don't know how to live...
And yes...air drying is the best!

Check out my blog, I left you a surpise.

Angela said...

I really don't like most people, the only person I love being around 24/7 is my wife. I have told people this and if they don't like me, oh well.

One time while working at a retail store, I was counting my money. And some annoying girl who I did not like kept trying to talk to me. So finally I said "I'm here to work, not make friends." and she left me alone!

Anonymous said...

Based on the two places you said you weren't, I think we live in the same town!

I found your blog by browing through the 20sb forums. Glad to know there are some local people blogging around!