Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anonymous comments.

To my anonymous commenters...
I would just like to say, I have no idea who you are. I mean, I love the comments, but I'd love even more to know who is commenting.

Anyways, today I took my English and Spanish exams... I hate languages.

English was easy, beacuse every questions on it was from a test we had taken. Spanish was insane, because Senorita gave us directions on a map, I believe they were supposed to lead us somewhere... but they didn't.  

Plus one question was:  "Beyonce has alot of _____ in her songs."
And the answers to choose from were: "Exito" "Tormento" "Robar" "Matar".
I had no idea... 
She wouldn't have alot of Exit in her songs.
She wouldn't have alot of Torment in her songs.
She wouldn't have alot of To Rob in her songs.
And she wouldn't have alot of To Kill in her songs...

So I'm guessing I missinterpreted one of the words.
Anyways, now I'm looking for somebody who wants me to pick up a sub for them. I know everyone at school always wants a sub, and I have a buy 1 get 1 free coupon, so if I pick them up a sub, I can get mine for free! 
Unfortunately my friends are actually abiding by the law right now and not texting me back. And I know if I buy a sub for one person everyone's gonna get mad at me saying they wanted one... and I'll be like, "Well you aint text me back foo!" Ok so I'ma go do something now.


Southern Girl said...

of course Jimbo reads these things...I think he misses us ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll take a sub! But of course you didn't text me! I feel so left out. Well, just run by Subway and then drive an hour here to drop it off. I'd appreciate it!


Mr. J The Anonymous Commenter!

David said...

I would love to let you buy me a sub. How about an Italian sub, hold the tomatoes please.

Anonymous said...

Let's see.... clues....
1. I see you every day.
2. I like subs, too.
3. I read your blog.
4. I don't attend W/S High.
5. My name rhymes with.... oh nevermind.... that'll give it away.