Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am woman.

Oh man.
I didn't realize Mr. Jimmy read my blog... I definately wouldn't have said anything about him in that last blog. Don't want it to get to his head that I actually like him..

Side note to Mr. Jimmy:
My fist was supposed to stop BEFORE it got to your face. (my bad).
Also, I didn't know your toe was there when I stomped on it. (my bad again)

Anyways. I have 5 days left of school. 1 of which is only half classes, half awards day. The other 4 of which I only have to take exams then leave. So YAY for jr. marshalls! And everybody keeps actin' like we jr. marshalls, being the top 10% of our class, are supposed to be smart. But come on people it's Wagener, how hard is it to be in the top 10? You don't have to be very smart. So sorry if I can't spell, or multi-task, or multiply, or define words... but hey, I can cut a piece of metal like idk what! And weld, and measure feet with strides, and decipher what kind of tree that is and how tall it is. So when I'm making $70,000/year welding, that's when I want someone to come tell me to get smarter. Brains isn't everything.

Not to mention my good looks. :)
Ok, so maybe I wouldn't make it far on that...

Anyways, I'm sure Dad's about done with the TV. So I'll blog to ya lata!


Anonymous said...

You just never know who is lurking around spying on you. Reading your blogs. Watching your videos of you and Sara dancing beside the car. You just never know....

Mr. J

Anonymous said...

I like the moron one! LOL. (Though that is a cool shirt he has on!)

Also, I like the "Player" one. Hmmmm..... It makes one wonder doesn't it?!

Mr. J again!

Anonymous said...