Thursday, May 29, 2008


It is officially my summer!!

Today I only had my Ag exam, which he said he did abunch of tricky math problems and eventually got my grade up to a 90 something...

Then, I found out I could take my chemistry exam today, so I have no exams tomorrow, so I don't even have to go to school.
So, somebody actually texted me back yesterday saying he'd take a sub, but then everybody in his class wanted a sub. So I ended up having to buy 4 subs. Then everybody at lunch said they wanted me to buy them a sub today, so I bought 5 subs today. And it was so hectic trying to tell them what to put on each sub, so tomorrow I'm only getting one person a sub. And now I've got people in Lugoff & Charlotte asking me to get 'em subs!! :)

Tonight, I have a band concert, and I'm playing the COWBELL. I know my entire family is gonna be so proud of me.

Unfortunately, Mr. Frosty has me very far to the side of the stage, so only like 10 people in the crowd can see me. I think it's because I dance.. A LOT. I kept telling him I needed to be where people could see me, and he told me to shutup.

Anyways, I'm gonna go enjoy my summer.
That's right, my SUMMER

ps. apparently when I say "enjoy my summer" this is what I mean...


Poof said...

Remember to clean off my desk before you film the room for the world to see. :)

By the way. during your SUMMER break, don't forget to clean the stalls, detail the cars, scrub the kitchen, sweep the patios, scrub the fridge, defrost the freezer, paint the house trim, vacuum under all beds, flip all mattresses.....

Anonymous said...

I wanted you to get me a turkey sub, but then I decided that I did not want to be a canibal.

Southern Girl said...

ok marjie! that video was a little strange...but it was good. now you must not! and i repeat must not! put that video of us doing the achy breaky on there! at least not until i get better and we film it again...understood?!
love you!