Wednesday, October 6, 2010

STDW cont.

2. The bricks. Today I was making my way through campus when I saw a girl coming my way trip up. I noticed that nobody laughed, nobody looked; nobody seemed to care. Even she just kept walking as if nothing happened. She must not have been a freshman.

Later, I saw another girl trip up. Once again, nobody laughed, nobody looked; nobody seemed to care.. except her. She let out a brief gasp, and dirty word, and a long laugh as she looked around to see who all saw. She looked kind of confused, and embarrassed when she saw that everyone ignored her.

To the general public, it would have appeared as though she just wasn't paying attention, or was clumsy.. And my first semester here, I would have laughed at her. But not this year; this year I know the truth - that these bricks are out to get us.

Buddy you can walk down these brick sidewalks 20 times a day, you could memorize every brick that's missing or every brick that's sticking up, and you will still trip. Like for reals, people don't even laugh at people for tripping up anymore. It's that common. So here at USC, don't get embarrassed for almost busting your face. Don't laugh. Don't cuss. Don't even bother stopping and looking around to see if anyone saw it. Because chances are, everyone saw it, and nobody cares. They're probably thinking, "Dang that poor girl, those bricks get everybody." or "Wow I'm glad it wasn't me today." So just continue on your way. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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