Thursday, October 7, 2010

STDW cont.

As I sit in the library awaiting my next class, I can't seem to keep my thoughts away from Starbucks. I know. It's a bit ridiculous. Starbucks has become so regular in my week. I really am becoming my mother.
I mean, 2 weeks ago if you offered me a coffee, I would have said HECK no!
2 months ago, if you offered to take me to Starbucks, I would have said HECK no!
2 years ago, if you brought coffee anywhere near me, I would have got the heck away from you.

So anyway, I'm trying to avoid yet another coffee break I cannot afford. And in this sad attempt to do so, I'm going to tell you about number 3 on my list, The Russell House.

Don't go to the Russell House between 11:30 and 12:30 if you are a) in a hurry or b) hungry. That is everybody's lunch break. You will stand in line for 40 minutes just to get your food. Even at the fast food places. And especially on Chicken Finger Wednesday.
(though on this day it is actually worth it.)

Also in the Russell House, you will see somebody you know. It doesn't matter what time of the day you go, somebody you know will be there. Even if you only know 10 of the 40,889 people on campus, one of the 10 you know will be there.

Last year I lived right across the street from the Russell House, so anytime I was hungry I would just head over, get my food to-go, and go back in my room, cozy up in my bed, eat and watch my favorite show. It was my alone time. My chill time. I loved it.
But there were plenty of times when I would head into the Russell House, planning this special occasion, my hopes so high, my heart so full of joy, and be disrupted by the company of another.
haha nooo I'm kidding I love the company of others!
...really. I do.
It's just that when I have my heart set on something, especially something as important as my alone time, I get very annoyed when my plans are changed.
Not to mention the countless times I went to the Russell House in my pajamas, with messed up hair, in need of a shower.
So anyway, that is just another thing about USC's Campus that I had to learn the hard way.

And now, I still have time to go to Starbucks..

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