Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Things Deserve a Warning.

As a sophomore at USC this year, I find myself noticing things around campus that I wish I was aware of my first year here.
Life can be tough your first semester here. At least it was for me, because I didn't know anybody, I didn't know anything about the University, and heck, I came from the smallest little one red-light town and knew nothing about the city. And I think if someone would have just warned me of a few things I didn't expect, my transition would have been a lot easier.

So every day for a week I'm going to try to notice something different while on campus that I wish I had been warned about when I first got here.
  1. The Squirrels. Today as I was walking down the sidewalk, about to cross the street, I noticed a squirrel sitting on the cross-walk pole, eye level. As I got closer, most people would expect this squirrel to climb up the pole, or jump down and run away. Even I would have expected this, my first semester here. But not this year. This time, I honestly didn't know what to expect, all I knew was to be afraid. As I got closer, the squirrel stayed eye level on the pole. He would jerk on way or the other, circling the pole. Freaking me out. I got to be probably a foot from the pole, I could have reached my hand out to touch the squirrel, and I completely and utterly feared my life. Because this year I know the truth, and that when dealing with USC squirrels, expect the unexpected.

    The squirrels here, are crazy. Most squirrels will run away from you, but not here. No ma'am. These squirrels like to test you. They like to see how close they can't get before you freak out. They like to follow you on your daily walks to class, and stalk you and cut in front of you as you're walking so that you trip up. They like to get up in your face while you eat and try to steal your food. I mean, the campus is scary enough as it is your first year here! The last thing you need are these crazy squirrels running around! All I can say, and all I wish someone told me, is just be prepared to be scared. And don't even bother taking ammo, because these squirrels aren't afraid. They're like Eminem. They take a stand. You can hit them with the most solid thing near you and they will not budge.


    I remember last year walking to class, and having a squirrel follow me on the brick wall to my right. He would frolic a few steps ahead of me, turn like he was going to jump out in front of me, and then continue along the ledge as I continued to walk. At the time, it was so creepy. But now looking back, it was kind of like a dog that would run ahead and wait for you to catch up; but a squirrel.. ha, no, still creepy.

    I also remember a squirrel one time coming up to me and my friends while having lunch outside. He was maybe 2 feet from our table, and he just stood there staring at us. ..UNCOMFORTABLE.. My friend had a little plastic cup she threw at him in hopes he would run away. Did he? no. He just STOOD there and completely freaked us out!

    So if you come to campus, be on the look out for these little guys. No, you don't even have to be on the look out, they will make themselves known to you. Just be prepared. You know, take your Plavix before hand, and maybe bring some Seredyn.

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