Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life's tough for a girl.. with a 3 syllable name.

That's right. I'll admit it. LIFE'S TOUGH.
I mean, I know I seem like the kinda girl who's got it all together; the kinda girl who never complains; the kinda girl... well you know, the perfect kinda girl.
I know, I put on a good show.

Because in all reality, life is tough for a girl like me; with a name longer than 2 syllables.
I mean, names are important you know.
Names are written on all of your awards. Names are announced over intercoms. Names are pretty much the first thing that come up in conversation.
They are the foundation of getting to know someone. If you don't know someone's name, can you really say that you know them?
No. You can't.

Now think how hard it must be for someone with the name, Marjorie, to get to know people.
It is next to impossible. I meet someone in class,
"Hi, I'm Corey."
"I'm Marjorie, nice to meet you."
"Wait, what?"
"No, Marjorie."
"Oh.. well can I just call you Margarine?"
oh, what the heck, you can call me Butter.
I mean seriously. I pretty much have to go through this every time I meet someone.

I say pretty much, because sometimes there's the person who just doesn't care enough to figure out what I said.

"I'm Corey."
"I'm Marjorie, nice to meet you."

Then I kind of get a weird look, and they just avoid calling me by my name until we eventually never talk to each other again. Or there's also this one:
"I'm Corey."

"I'm Marjorie, nice to meet you."
We talk, get to know each other and later, they try to say my name.
"Hey Margare--err--Margarin--uhh, sorry, what'd you say your name is?"

I feel like that in itself is enough to make someone, like me, avoid getting to know people.

And then there are the cases with awards, where your name is always spelt wrong.
"Margory" "Margorie" "Marjory" "Majory"
...Like, come on people! You're making me want to not even succeed anymore!!

And if you're a complete idiot like me, you misspell your own name on something big, like your University E-mail registration. So my professors get e-mails from "Marjroie."
And it's not Marjorie who signs the attendance sheet, it's Marjroie.
Marjorie doesn't even exist anymore.

I don't even bother.

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Tom S said...

Might be time to switch your name to "Jo Jo!"