Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm pretty sure, I'm Psychic.

I'm gonna tell you the happenings in my day today, in order. And you tell me if it doesn't sound like I'm a little.. Psychic, or something.
MAYBE psychic isn't the word, but it's as if my thoughts, somehow affect the future.
  1. I passed a guy this morning who I met last year. I couldn't remember his name, but I remembered that I had also met another guy with the same name. I spent about 5 minutes trying to think of their names. JUST when I stopped thinking about it, I passed the other same-named guy. COINCIDENCE?
  2. I was on the bus, running through my usual random thoughts, which took me to thinking about El Universidad de Salamanca, for some reason. I thought about how Patti visited there and brought us back shirts and I was wishing I knew where mine was because it was really a nice shirt. I'll be darned if later that day, while waiting on the bus, I didn't see a dude WEARING the exact shirt I was thinking about!! COINCIDENCE?
  3. I was on Facebook, looking through my Summer '10 album hoping to find a cute new default picture. I saw the cool ones I took of Ethan skim boarding and thought to myself how I wished they were of me, so I could make one my default pic. And what did I see when I logged on to Facebook later that day?? ETHAN made both of those pictures his default picture! COINCIDENCE?
  4. Alright, so once again, I was waiting on the bus, and I saw this dude that I see on the bus every day. He sat down far away from me and I didn't think nothing of it. About 10 minutes later I was bored out of my mind, and I thought to myself, I wish he would have sat over here so I'd have somebody to talk to. Next thing I know, dude got up and moved over to where we could talk! COINCIDENCE?
  5. Then I got home, and I really didn't feel like going to work because I could use a night to chill. I got to thinking about it, and I thought, you know, I may not even be scheduled to work tonight.. Even though I'm always scheduled for Wednesday's and Saturday's, I thought this might be an exception. So I ran up to work to check the schedule, and what do ya know, I'm not scheduled to work!! COINCIDENCE?
  6. And here, is my very last thing (SO FAR). I got on Facebook to tell people that I'm psychic. And when I don't know how to spell words, I just write them anyways and change them if they're wrong. So I had no clue if I was on the right track to spelling psychic but I continued... only to find, that I did in fact spell it right.
Ok, so the last one's a little lame. But the rest... they are like, crazy coincidence.
Like, TOO crazy.
I think not.


Poof said...

Unbelievable - guess what? I decided to check your blog today and see if you wrote. Guess what I'm wearing??? A dark blue "Universidad Salamanca."
You can influence the future! What an amazing ability. You should be able to make money off that.

Butter said...

omg!! that's CRAZY!!