Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Getaway 2010


I'm involved with this awesome group at USC call CRU.. Campus Crusade for Christ. And this weekend we went on our Annual Fall Getaway, to Camp Lurecrest in Lake Lure, NC.
It was so great!
I'm no longer that girl sitting alone in a room full of people.
Or that other girl who relies on someone she barely knows to save her a seat so she doesn't look like that girl.
Don't you hate it when you can be amid so many people and feel so alone?
Because I don't know about you, but just sitting in an auditorium listening to a lecture does not give a girl like me a lot of conversation material. The camp had a lot of cool free time activities like swimming, volleyball, rock wall on land and in the lake, a rope to swing into the lake.
It's just random activities like that that can bring people together, you know?

The first night, we had a Night at the Museum themed party, which was awesome! I dressed as Dum Dum the Easter Island statue, but these are some of the best costumes:

On Saturday night we had a huge tailgate and watched the Carolina game against Auburn. I don't know if you saw it, but Carolina seemed to be rocking the field the first half. We had Auburn by like 3 touchdowns. Everything was fine and dandy, we were on our way to a big W, until we got over excited. And by we, I mean CRU, the people I was tailgating with, the people simply watching the game. Because for me, what happens in a game always depends on the audience. It is always the audience's fault. -If we win, the audience cheered the team on, coached the team, scolded the team, defended the team, and brought the other team down. -If we lose, the audience sucked as a coach, didn't cheer them on enough, ran out of rude remarks for the other team.
On this day, what happened to us, the reason why we lost, was all because we got over excited at our last touchdown. We muted the game, and blasted Sandstorm as loud as we could. All 100 of us jumping up and down, screaming, shouting, not even cheering the team on anymore, just basking in the thought of a win... when suddenly, Garcia fumbled the ball; and all went down hill from there.

But despite the outcome of the game, the weekend was a ton of fun. A chance for me to get closer to God and others, and I'm really glad I got to go.

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Poof said...

I'm glad you went, too, it sounds like a lot of fun. And the mountains right now must have been so pretty and cool.