Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spiders & Roaches & Flies, oh my!

I just found out my laptop can reach my bed while charging!
Hahahaha ohh yeah baby. This Butter’s gonna blog at all hours of the night!

So, the other night I was in my room with the door shut, studying, when I heard a shriek in the living room. My roommate hollered out my name in that, there’s-a-cockroach-come-kill-it voice. Knowing how fast these little critters are, I grabbed the closest shoe I could find and ran out to save her.

Feet apart, knees bent, eyes focused, and shoe up, I searched that room up and down looking for the doomed bug. I looked over at Anne, as she comfortably sat with her feet on the couch and her laptop on her lap. A bit confused, I said, “Where’d it go?” She just looked at me. She ignored my question, and continued with what her shriek was about.

Apparently one of her friends is pregnant.

Note to self: Anne’s there’s-a-cockroach-come-kill-it shriek and my-best-friend-is-pregnant shriek are VERY similar.

We just recently moved into our apartment (2 months ago, to be exact.) My roommate and I were so excited to be getting our own place. And not just any place, this complex had everything you could imagine! It was our dream.

Unfortunately, it was literally, just a dream.

As most apartment complexes probably do, they had us fooled. I’m pretty sure when they took the picture of the community pool, they vacuumed it. Probably the only time they ever vacuumed it.

In the lease, I remember signing for a washer & dryer, the HD TV, the dishwasher, the community gym, tanning bed, swimming pool & game room with a pool table, ping-pong table, and two x-boxes. Oh yes. I remember, because it sounded so great.

But there are so many other things, that I don’t remember seeing in the lease. Like the dirt in the pool, lazy maintenance men, an air conditioner you can’t turn off, floors that stain your feet black no matter how many times you mop them, spiders, flies, and my personal favorite, the cock roaches.

I mean, I could tell you so many stories that involve Anne’s there’s-a-cockroach-come-kill-it shriek and actually end in me killing a cockroach. I could tell you even more stories that involve the cockroach getting away. When I cut my lights off at night, I literally jump into bed and just picture these roaches coming out and partying all night while I'm asleep.

I know you would love to hear the gory details, the horrid screams and the hilarious accidents that have happened during a cockroach slaughter, but this would be the longest blog everr!

I’m not gonna go into a rant about the sad living arrangement of a college kid who is too inexperienced to know when she’s being hustled… I’m not gonna lecture large businesses who take advantage of the newbies in the world.

All I’m going to ask is if anyone out there knows how get rid of these cockroaches??!


Kristen said...

At least you are brave enough to kill them! I would be Annie in this scenario. I do not know how to kill them - I am thinking they don't die. We had them in one of our apartments once too... They came out of the bathtub faucet!

Butter said...

Ewwww! I would die if I saw one coming out of my bathtub faucet!!