Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Rest in Peace?
RIP is the typical way to address a death in writing. And it seems like such a nice thing to say.
"Rest in Peace." Like the person who just passed is resting.

And in most cases I use it. RIP. I think with every person, or animal who has died in my life, I've said RIP.
But I just can't say, RIP Nana.

Nana has been resting in peace for long enough, don't you think?
As far as peacefulness goes, rarely have I ever seen her not peaceful.

I mean, maybe that one time when I threw a fit because I wanted a Strom
boli, and it stressed Mimi out and made her cry. Nana really got on to me.
But even at 1am when Nana would walk into the living room and catch me and Brian still awake watching tv, she was very peaceful.
Even when she lost at yahtzee, even when she needed help to get out of a chair, and had trouble opening Christmas presents, and even when she had to move in to a nursing home with a roommate who chewed tobacco and kept the room 80 degrees. She was always at peace.

And she has been stuck in that bed resting for months now. Stuck with the walker and cain for years. I think she's had enough rest.

It just feels.. not right. I don't want Nana to rest anymore. It might sound strange or retarded but I smile when I think about Nana in heaven, with her sisters and her husband! With a new body, and wings! Not only can she get out of bed she can fly! (honestly idk if the Bible says we'll fly, but don't it sound good?) And while her heart is still at peace, I just picture her so incredibly happy.
So RIP, Nana? nah. RIP's for the birds. Heaven's for you!
Nana playing school with Eva.

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Anonymous said...

And she'll be waiting for you, too all the while loving being with loved ones that waited on her - which we know is a flash in the pan when you're in heaven. It's us that are left behind that grieve the longer days and nights. But we do have God's promise, and our loved ones to love here while we are living! One of Jon's kid movies nailed it, the circle of life.
Love you and your family, Marge. You all are in our prayers during this really rough time for both sides of your family!