Monday, July 21, 2008

Pickin Plants & Makin Money.

I got me some money!

I been spendin my days working with Brielle, picking watermelons, beans, pea's, cantelope... then going out & selling them. Then we split the profit. 

But I haven't worked as hard as Bri so she, ofcourse, gets more. I'm just the extra help, with more profit than I deserve! 

It's a great job. The watermelons we "accidently" bust, we get to eat.

And today after pea's it started storming really bad, like tornado bad, and the electricity went out so we had to chill for a while w/o electricity, which is alright with us. 

We just brought out the rotten tomatoes and started playing baseball with them.

Then we played basketball with some watermelons. 

Of course that didn't last long, but when it busted we got to eat it. :)

Anyways.. now I'm looking for someone to go to Carowinds with. I got an extra day pass thing I need to use. Sooo ask around for me! Holla!

1 comment:

Poof said...

Me! Me! Me!!! I wanna go to carowinds. . . can old people go?
Can I pick some okra so I can go?