Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Certain Black Blazer

So I got a comment a couple posts back saying they'd like to know more about "a certain black blazer."

Hmm.. what is there to know about this BLACK BLAZER?
Well, for starters, it's windshield wipers are broken. So I've learned to check before riding in it.

Also, it is often heard before seen. Not because it's breaking down, but because the driver or passenger is always honking the horn, just because.

Also, it's black.
Also, it's been known to be used to do crazy stuff, such as, riding on top of it while shooting skeet.

Also, it has a Carolina sticker on the back. Which makes it better.

Also, it often has extrememly loud music blaring out the open windows. It's not meant for old people to ride in.

Also, it's filled with memories.
It's pretty great... for a black blazer.

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Poof said...

Oh. That black blazer.