Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Newton Was Knd of Smart...

The other day... or week or month or something... my friends and I were in the front yard at school working on the yard for Ag class - pulling weeds, trimming the bushes, etc. (Yes, we take a class that entails cleaning up the school yard. Only in the South?)

We were hard at work, but being our usual, crazy, high schooler-selves, playing around, when things got real. A friend of mine accidentally fell up against the bushes and rather than getting hurt, she just bounced right back up like it was a mattress or a pillow. So I got the bright idea to jump into the bushes, to see if I'd bounce off, or to see if it was fun. (Note: I didn't put too much thought into the reasoning).

So I got these two big guys to act as a launcher, and I put one foot in each one of their hands. I counted to three and they push me up into the air and forward into the bushes. I landed head first into the bushes! Everyone thought it was a job well done, except me.

Just for that moment, I had obviously forgotten everything our Science teacher Mrs. Bryan ever taught me... you know, like that an object in motion stays in motion until acted upon by a greater force (that greater force being the ground, not the bush) AND for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (that reaction being me bouncing off my head).

Not to mention the bush I jumped into was a pricker bush!

Yeah, so I've come to the conclusion that Newton was kinda smart... and I may not be the brightest.


fbcwagener said...

Kind of reminds me of the time I thought I could jump off a roof holding an umbrella. Major miscalculation.

Southern Girl said...

Marjie!! You silly silly girl! Why on earth did you think that you would bounce of the bush if you jumped into it? Your startin' to act like Marci and that's not good at all!