Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This one's for the fans

Aww I feel bad, like I've let my fans down. I haven't blogged in over 3 months.

Ok!!! So the good things.. Christmas break means no school for two weeks!! Also, it means CHRISTMAS! Which means, PRESENTS! Oh and joy, and time well spent with the family... ofcourse. But back to PRESENTS! I got an awsome leather jacket, awsome crocs with fuzz in them, Hairspray (the musical, not like Rain) and a bunch of gift cards - so basically a bunch of clothes! I've had a ton of time to do whatever I want, so I've been to Aiken about 6 times, Columbia... maybe just once.. and I've learned 2 new songs on the piano, and I've updated my website about 20 times, I've earned money doing website stuff for Dad... legally... and I've watched a ton of Law and Orders. (they had 2 marathons!)

OH and the best part is, on New Years Eve we were at Ms. Sandra's havin a big blow out, and I found Scrubs, the 5th season in Rob's pile of DVD's. So 2008 is gonna start out as a great year.

Unfortunately school starts tomorrow. But I did write my name in some dust on Ms. Sandra's piano, and I was able to put the date as 1-1-08! That was pretty exciting....

Ok well I'm boring you... but hey, you're the one who actually read this! Anyways, just if you haven't checked out my website do it, at yeah cuz i put many-a-hours into it over my break.

Lata' skata'!

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a. joyce said...

Hey CC -
Glad M sent your website! Enjoyed it very much even though we'd seen many of the pictures last week at Mimi's. Loved your videos.....especially the first one! :-)
Love to have you come for a visit some weekend.
Stay happy!!!!! :-)
A. Joyce