Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh, the power of the wii

So I'm sitting here, cuddled up in my cozy freezing cold bed, with blankets up to my neck because my heat unit is not blowing warm air, but yet, cold air. Imagine that.
So it's freezing in here man!
My sister Patti and my niece just left, I don't blame them. If I were clean, I would have left too. But it's too cold to take a shower. SO, I'm hiding from the world in my cave-like room.

But while they were here, we had a good ol' time playing Super Mario Bros 3 on the wii.

Have you ever tried to play that game with a 5 year old?

It was like a time-machine and we were both 10 years younger. I swear, between the "OOH let me try!" and the "NO! Watch out! ..UGH!" it was very difficult to feel like an adult.

And my niece, my poor niece, she tried and she tried, but when it comes to Mario we've got over a decade on her. Every time she would try to beat a level, she would end up falling off the cliff or getting hit by some sort of animal. So her mama and I would be sitting there, "Watch out!! Yeah, that turtle will kill you," and "NO girl! Jump over that cliff!" "If you fall down the cliff you're going to die. Just like real life."

It was hard for us to restrain ourselves and act like the adults in the room. I don't know what came over me - reaching for the controller, throwing things when I lost, getting mad at others when they lost because I just know I would have done better.

And finally we made it our goal to get to the castle. My niece really wanted to get to the castle. But there was one level immediately before the castle that we just couldn't beat! It was like a maze with several paths to go down, but you had to break a brick wall to get there.

So we would pick up the turtle and hit the brick wall, but when we were lucky enough to survive the ricochet of the turtle, we would go on to find out that we went the wrong way. And we would either somehow run out of time, or die.

We were getting serious about this. Soon my niece took the controller from my sister and gave it to me as she gave her mommy a I'm-disappointed-in-you look.

By bed-time we beat the level and headed into the castle.
Mission Complete.
And yet, when I woke up this morning, they were at it again. World 1 Level 1, my niece, my sister, and now her fiance had even come over to help out.

What is it about these games that make us so crazy?


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness... Super Mario Bros 3 was my FAVORITE growing up. I have it on my Wii and my Super Nintendo is still somewhat working and I play it there, too! I love it. :D

Never played it with another kid before, though. Just me, usually...

AmberLaShell said...

You should try the new Mario, it is more like the old one, and it is so much fun... I think that because we grew up with mario, that he just makes us go crazy!

Marjorie said...

It's my favorite too! My brother just recently found his gameboy and we've been playing Super Mario on that too. He really is making a comeback in my life.
I'll have to try the new Mario!