Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It is a creepy, stormy halloween night, and I sit here, on my compy, WRITING. Like, why am I not watching a Double Double Toil & Trouble with a friend? Or carving pumpkins and preparing my halloween costume? Or freaking out about the black cat sitting outside our door?

 I really, really, really want to carve a pumpkin!! I feel like I'm missing out.
I don't have a knife, I don't have a pumpkin, but I feel like if I just find someone to do it with, it will all come together! Everybody is uploading awesome pictures of amazingly carved pumpkins and I'm like..
:( where's mine?

I'm just a lame-o. I cannot wait until tomorrow night when the halloween spirit really kicks in!
My friend & I are going to get costumes. And pumpkins. Then my first of many a halloween party begins!

Super YAY! I hope you all have a S'wonderfully scarey halloween! And may the best costume win (the best candy)!

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Kelley said...

I know whatcha mean, jelly bean. The part where "they impregnating errrbody out here" made me laugh!