Thursday, September 4, 2008


Once upon a time, there was a princess...
hmmmmm [inside joke] not rly funny though...
anywhose. I forgot all about blogs for a lil while there. I guess, what, a week? my bad. A mu mu, is a night gown like I had on, and Nana & Mimi wears. =] OH and I have a funny story to tell about tha mu mu. I went into tha livin room where everyone was that night, and Eva smiled and sort of giggled, "Marj why do you look like Nana?" HAHA that was so funny. My little cutie. Anywaysss I haven't much to say, but Life is Good.
this was an exercise in volleyball practice.. it rly does help. =]

yep, sure is. I mean, for a while I thought this year was gonna be horrible. Some teenage drama that I've never been in to. Some new principals who didn't know me, therefore trust me, therefore let me do things the old principal let me such as leave school whenever, leave class & roam tha halls, chew gum, write on peoples car windows, and just the basics to having fun.
BUT I have to say, things are looking up. Not only have me & my true friends vowed to ignore the idiots in the school, we've also figured out ways to have fun and not get in trouble.
ie) leaving class with a bathroom pass, getting our parents to sign us out or just making sure no ones around when we leave, and chewing gum in only certain classes (the ones who don't care).

Senior year is really coming along. It's harder to have fun than last year, but really it was getting too easy. I need a challenge. =]
Our gang sign. Throw it up if yo class of 09!

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Poof said...

Some challenges for you:
1. Clean your room.
2. Mow the grass.
3. Vacuum the pool.
4. Clean out the fridge.

BTW - what kind of mom would sign you out of school????