Sunday, August 3, 2008

Horticulture, Mice & Old People.

Horticulture: The science or art of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants.

I couldn't even explain why that's so funny, but it was. And it still is. That word made me cry, in front of everybody!! Cuz I was laughing sooo darn hard.

Soo Moms birthday was pretty awsome!
First we all assumed our positions so we could jump out and yell "SURPRISE!!"

Then we ate wings.

Then we searched under the couch for a mouse Ms. Connie swore she saw. Then I saw it!!! Then, I saw it's shadow on the wall & it looked huge!!Then all the guys stayed in one room talking about Obama, while all the girls stayed in one room talking about the anti-christ.... hmmm....
Then the kids went out & swam, and the adults played a game. Then we all played games & some people showed off their dancing skills.
Anywho's, it was alot of fun. Way better than my bday party, I'm guessing because a certain someone wasn't there for mine.. ehem.

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Poof said...

You're so sweet. We did have fun, didn't we. A certain someone really missed your party. :(