Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy [[ Dearest ]]

This is in honor of my Mommy. Happy Birthday!
What are you.. 49??
I wrote you a poem:
I love my old old Mommy,
Even though she gave us Tommy,
She's pretty sweet,
She loves red meat,
She'll even eat Salami.

Today she's fourty-nine,
The doctors say she's fine,
With extra love,
God up above,
Will give her some more time.

Some things she's never shown,
She keeps them in her home,
Like how she works,
Her silly quirks,
& Her love to be alone.

I bet you'd never guess,
She's as redneck as the best,
Though she tries to hide,
Her country side,
At home she will attest.



David said...

49! She really is my older cousin.

Margarine said...

maybe more like 43

Poof said...

Yikes. I didn't know how often I wore a hair net. Now I do feel old. OK, Marj, now the ball's in my court. I owe you.