Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Nobody's Perfect! I gotta work it..."

I FINALLY had my birthday party!

It basically started Thursday.
.. at Carowinds with Tommy & Brian. We had so much fun. The most fun was probably playing tag for 2 hours on the water playground. (Don't Tommy look like he's havin so much fun?) That's me behind him... yeah.
Then Friday night me & my friend
s went bowling. Me, Taelor, Logan, Erika, Sara & Kasci.

Then I spent the night with Logan, & went home in the morning to get ready for my party with Erika. At my party we swam & played volleyball. Then we got bored & went to Pizza Stop. While we waited on our pizza, me & Sara got bored & got tattoos from the machine. Mine was Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus, a 2 for 1 deal. Then almost everyone left, & me, Sara, Logan & Erika went to Wal Mart & I spent my gift card. Then we went night swimming. Then they spent the night & we watched The Wedding Planner until we fell asleep. Then this morning we woke up & ate cinnamon rolls, then me & Erika went to the lake with her family & friends.

<-that's my tat.

It was a really good birthday weekend.

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