Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marjorie 101

1. I love being out late Photobucket
2. I love screaming out the window
3. I love honking my horn with every laugh.
4. I love honking my horn when I'm mad.
5. I love being from a small town, at times.
6. I also hate it alot.
7. Sometimes I want to move far away, maybe to a big city.
8. Sometimes I want to stay here forever.
9. I love summer.
10. I love wearing white or yellow.
11. I love the color blue, preferably a light or dark one, not royal.
12. I love band, sometimes.
13. I'm not a band geek.
14. I have no professional training.
15. I can't play a single instrament. HAHA
16. I love my youth group.
17. I also can't stand my youth group, at times.
18. I miss my old youth pastor. (that's right i said it mr. jimmy)
19. But I also really like my new youth pastor.
20. I love music.
21. I love swimming.
22. I love going to the beach.
23. I'm number 4 in my class. !!!
24. That really exites me.
25. I LOVE the lake, my favorite body of water.
26. I love watching movies. even if they stink.
27. I like being sponatanious.
28. I love flying.
29. I love going in boats, even to just sit there, i don't have to be fishing or riding a tube.
30. I dont know what I want to be when I grow up.
31. I am very competative.
32. I pull for Carolina.
33. I don't mind losing, if I know I did everything I could. (ie. mercy with robby)
34. I love friends.
35. I love GOD. Shoulda been my first one.
36. I really dont know if i want these to be the best years of my life.
37. But I also kinda think they will be, cuz this year has been great.
38. I thank God for everything i have.
39. I am trying to help everything around me give glory to God.
40. I won a fortune-cookie eating contest.
41. I have no idea how that glorifies God...
42. But I did beat Jon and Sara..
43. I am giving props to Laura for writing 101 of these.
44. I love my horse, Rebel.
45. Even though he has thrown me off atleast 10 times.
46. And even though yesterday he was being a complete jerk to me.
47. We all have bad days.
48. Next time you look at me, remember that God thinks what you're looking at is BEAUTIFUL! heck yeah.
49. I love riding in a certain black blazer.
50. I love loud music.
51. I actually miss school... I guess last year was just too fun.
52. I would never do something school related during the summer.
53. I am the only God some people every see... holy crap.
54. I do alot of things just for the experience.
55. I'm trying to ride in the wheelbarrow. The one being pushed along a thin rope by God...
56. I love getting hurt when I have an awsome story to tell.
57. I'm a senior.
58. I do love jumping in leaves.
59. I also love playing in snow.
60. But nothing compares to sun bathing and sleeping in.
61. I am currently texting Ben.
62. He's very technical, & says we aren't twins because we have different moms & we're a year apart. What a loser.
63. I love to drive
64. I love The Big Mo.
65. I love bowling.
66. There is nothing to do in Aiken after 2:00 a.m.
67. I picked watermelons today & sold them around town with Brielle.
68. Whenever I get hungry I eat macaroni and cheese, and rice krispies.
69. Sweet Tea & Mountain Dew are great.
70. Milk & water are alright. I drink them daily.
71. I love remonising.
72. I hate that I can't spell.
73. I love the FFA.
74. But I hate being an FFA officer.
75. I love Charleston.
76. I absolutly love driving. In mud.
77. I love skeet shooting.
78. I love taking pictures.
79. I love playing the piano.
80. I love sleeping in the mornings.
81. I hate going to bed at night.
82. I love singing.
83. I can't sing good.
84. I love pretending I'm Douglas and singing the National Anthem with Sara.
85. I love standing outside of vehicles dancing and singing.
86. I love playing football at night.
87. I loved playing Ugball.
88. I love playing Robby in mercy.
89. I love night swimming.
90. I love my high school ring.
91. I love staying at church for an hour after it closed.
92. I love playing volleyball.
93. I love looking at my moms scrapbooks.
94. I love watching old videos of me and Morgan dancing in my room..
95. I love cook outs.
96. I love playing guitar hero.
97. I love playing the wii.
98. I love challenges.
99. I hate losing.
100. I hate getting yelled at.
101. I hate getting made a fool of.
yay its done!


Anonymous said...

YAY! I made in the top 20! Go me.

Mr. J

Anonymous said...

Oh man I looked and looked and you never said "I love my grandmaw"

Poof said...

tell me more about the black blazer