Thursday, July 24, 2008

Excuses, Excuses.

I know people use excuses all the time to get out of things, such as,
"I sprained my ankle." "I have to stay home and do chores." "My dog ate my homework." "I'm allergic to the doctor's office."
And my personal favorite, "It's against my religion."

And it really stinks that people abuse these excuses, because at times, they are not just words to get you out of things, but they are truths to explain why you can't do something. And when it's necessary to use them, and hope the other person will
understand, they don't!! Because of all the idiots who just said it to get out of things.

Example: In fourth grade, I was doing my homework on the swing on my front porch, when it blew off into the front yard. Daisy, being a young pup, ran after it and tore it to shreds. I ran after her screaming but it was too late. So the next day I told my teacher my dog ate my homework. And she said that's the oldest excuse in the book. I said "Now Mrs. White, do you honestly believe I'd use that excuse if it wasn't true?" Come on now. Anyways I got a zero because of an excuse that
had been abused.

Then today, I went to the doctor, only to find out, I'm alergic to the doctor's office! I went in, and I started sniffling, then sneezing. Then as soon as I left, I was better. And the doctor asked if I was sick, I said no, she said I must be allergic to the building, because it's old. And now my eyes are burning soo bad, and they have been for an hour. Needless to say, I never want to go back to the doctor again.

Now, in the words of Bill Clinton, "That`s not an excuse, but it is an explanation, and that`s the best I can do."


Poof said...

I'm quoting Ronald Reagan and you are quoting Bill Clinton. That's what I call a "house divided."

Ronald Reagan was the best president in the history of the US, now what's your excuse?

Anonymous said...

hey you need to call me about our outing!!!!!!!!!! Jen