Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bored but out of things to write...

1.What was the highlight of your week? Playing softball for 3 hours today
2.Who's car were you in last? Other than mine.. Taelor's
3.What color shirt are you wearing?
White tank over blue
4.How long is your hair? a lil past the shoulders i think..
5.Last thing you ate? cookies & cream ice cream
6.What was last thing you drank? water
7.Are y
ou happy right now? yeah i am
8.What did you say last? uhh.. "Ok."
9.Where is your phone? uhhmmm actually i just gave up looking for it. lol
10.What was the last museum you went to? idk..geez wut a boring question!
11.What color are your eyes?
12.Who/what do you hate/dislike currently?
I currently dislike Kyle & Ben, for making me break my pinky toe.
13.What are you listening to? All Summer Long
14.If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
something fun to do right now.
15.What makes you the happiest ri
ght now? knowing that I'm going golfing this weekend. (even though there won't be a driving range...)
16.What were you doing at midnight last night?
you-tubing stupid stuff, waiting on Dad to fall asleep so I could watch TV
17.Are you left-handed?
18.What's for dinner tonight?
Hamburgers & hotdogs & fries... same thing i had for lunch.
19.When Is Your Birthday?
July 12. Clear ur schedule, it's the day of my party. :)
20.When is the last time you were in a swimming pool?
ughh May 17. Morgans party. cuz SOMEBODY still hasn't opened ours.
21.Where was the last place you went shopping?
and actually bought something? Rue 21 yesterday.
22.How do you feel about your hair right now? it's a'ight. I'm gettin it trimmed tomorrow.
23.Do you have any expensive jewelry? High School ring... my prized possession.
24.AIM or MSN? neither
25.Where does most of your family live? North Carolina
26.What was the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning?
"Oh man, what should I do first..." then I put my clean laundry away. Then I did dishes. That's right, I'm a workin girl.
27.Do you drink beer? nooo
28.Who do you miss? everybody worth missing..... that's a good answer.
29.Myspace or Facebook? i have both, but i like myspace better.
30.What is your favorite subject in school? standard answer, lunch. But seriously, when I was out of school early, I still went back for lunch.
31.Do you have any talents? DUH, have you not seen my redneck got talent audition?? Ethan says I got it.
32.Do you have any children? ...not that i know of.
33.Did you take a nap today?
Noo naps are for LUZERS who can't handle 8 hours of sleep. Me, I can handle it.
34.Ever met someone famous? no
35.Do you want to be famous one day? well that sure would beat the plans I've made for my life...
36.Could you handle being in the military? idk, I wouldn't join, but if for some reason I was in it, I wouldn't quit.
37.Ever been to Las Vegas? Yeah & it aint worth buying the plain tickets.
38.When is the last time you updated your blog? Why don't you check out my last blog entries date. cuz idk.
39.Have you been to New York City? yeah but it dont count if I dont remember it, so I have to go again.
40.Last thing you cooked? uhhmm prolly some bagel bites or a hot pocket...
41.Last time you were sick? like really bad throw uppin' sick, 9th grade.
42.Last movie you watched? All the Right Moves, on CMT with Tom Cruise. it was a'ight.

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