Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Mimi's Chex Mix

Alright guys! It's Tasty Tuesday!
It was Tasty Tuesday..
I guess that makes this a Weird Wednesday.

But it's never too late to share this recipe. This has been my absolute FAVORITE snack since I can remember. Mimi's Chex Mix
My first memory of this snack is when I was a toddler, sitting in the far back of the minivan scarfing these things down, crying my eyes out as we left my grandma's house.

Finally when I got old enough Mimi gave me the okay to not only learn, but share her recipe. My mom (the blogger that she is) documented every step of the way, making this blog post possible.

Throughout the years Mimi's changed a few things up;
pretzel sticks, cheese sticks, cheez-its, gold fish...
But no matter what you decide to put in it, there's a melted butter mixture that, when mixed with the proper amount of grandma's love, will always make this chex mix a delicious finger snack perfect for any get together.

Preheat the oven to 300.
Melt a pound of butter in med. size pot on the stove.
You can't go wrong with butter!
get it?
Add 1/2 cup worshishtershire worsistashire worcestshire sauce. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently until the butter has melted.

Add 1 Tbsp each:
celery salt

While the butter is melting, stir together
1/2 of your dry mix:
1/2 bag of each rice, wheat and corn Chex Mix
1/2 of a 9.25 oz. can of nuts or half cashews
1/2 bag of stick pretzels
1/2 bag of cheesy snacks (ie. Cheez-Its or Goldfish)

Mix these up thoroughly.
Mimi uses a large roasting pan to mix. And in fear of crushing the mix, she gently stirs with her bare hands.
I recommend washing first - just sayin'

Take 1/2 of your melted butter mixture and spread it over the Chex Mix, gently mixing it in evenly.

Now make the rest of your dry mix with the remaining Chex Mix, n
uts and pretzels.

Pour the last 1/2 of the butter mixture on top. Stir it all in good.
The less dry mix you use, the tangier the flavor will be.

At this point the mix will be very gooey. It's OK to taste it! It's actually really good.

Spread the mix out on flat cookie pans in a flat layer, making sure none of the mix is lumped on top of each other. Put the pans in the oven and bake at 300, first on the top shelf for 15 minutes, then the bottom shelf for 15 minutes per pan.

Does it make a difference if there are lumps in the mix on the cookie pan?
Does it make a difference if you move the pan from top to bottom shelf?
YES. Because Mimi said so.
Remember, it's part love that makes them so good. If your not careful, the chex mix won't feel the love. Leaving you to not feel the love later.

When they're done in the oven, they're ready to eat!

I hope you enjoy this recipe and let me know what you think!
I also hope you continue sharing recipes with me through your own blog posts or through e-mail. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your Tasty Tuesday recipe posts. And being that I don't cook, I only have so many of my own recipes to share, so I would love to share your recipes for Tasty Tuesdays!

PS. Don't cook with your cousin. He'll mess everything up and blame it on you.


Poof said...

Yummy! Here's my Weird Wednesday Tasty Tuesday recipe for Monkey Bread! It's not just for breakfast anymore.

Nerd Girl said...

Yumm :)

Moonomo said...

Ah- easy to following and looks fun! I have to have bring some cousins so I can blame them if things not right- LOL. :)