Monday, February 28, 2011

Cocky's Quest!

Friday night, USC hosted a campus-wide scavenger hunt.
My friends and I decided it would be cool to at least see what it's about.

Can I just say? One of the best things I've ever done on campus.

We got to the starting point a little late, just in time to get stampeded by hundreds of freshmen, full speed, making it clear their wish to, "Win this thang."

We were given two papers to lead us on the hunt - one page listed items we were were to bring back with us, and one page listed things we were to take pictures of. Each picture had to somehow have our mascot Cocky in it, and every item on the list was worth points. So the first group to get the most points wins.

People will do some crazy stuff to win.
And by people, I mean me and my friends.

We stopped countless people on the streets asking if they had "any of the following items: an unopened toothbrush, three 1987 pennies, a calender magnet..."
Then of course got looked at like we were retarded.

At one point I found myself chasing after a car as it pulled away from a stop sign, shouting "WAIT!! You can't go! I need a picture of your license plate!!"

And I bet you're wondering what this picture is all about.
If not, I'm explaining it anyway.
This item was listed as American Gothic. So we built a pitchfork out of newspaper, and my friends posed as the old lady and man in American Gothic (with cocky).

Some of the things we had to search through campus and take pictures of Greek letters, somebody in a cast, somebody walking their dog, old time pencil sharpener, a license plate from a state that starts with "N," etc.

We had to bring back items such as purple socks, an Italian-American Dictionary, a 10 of diamonds, a TeaPot menu, candy corn, sombrero's, etc.

So needless to say, we were calling everyone we knew who lived on campus and raiding their dorms for these items.

Unfortunately, I didn't think about filming it until halfway through. But we were able to document this half:

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Mollie said...

Gah! I should've done this in college.

Got something for you on my most recent post.