Saturday, December 25, 2010

Where are you Christmas?

Dear Santa:

It's getting late and you still haven't made it to my house... I'm getting worried.
Please don't skip our house because we don't have a tree up. You can leave my presents on the couch. Or there's a little plant in the living room (opposite side of the fire place). If it makes you happy, you can place my presents under it.

I'm sorry for the lack of decorations this year. And the lack of cookies. I swear we are Christmas lovers. I just don't know what happened, the decorations never made it out of the attic.

It really hasn't felt like Christmas this year, with the warm weather and the missing holiday decorations. I know - who goes to the gulf on Christmas?? But Santa, it's where my family is. We're trying to make this work. I'm starting to think the grinch stole Christmas. It's scaring me.
This is not ok, Santa.
Please, oh please, bring me my Christmas.

PS. Sorry about the hot ashes in the fireplace. I lost track of time tonight.


Poof said...

Santa heard your cry and is bringing you a white Christmas!

Sabita said... on the way....hey butter be happy always...god bless you with all your thoughts...