Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Love Halloween, And I Love America.

I found me a friend, grabbed us a knife, and ran out to the Wal Mart and bought a couple pun'kins. Picked up some cat ears and tail for $5 dollars and called it a costume.
Happy Halloween!!

Remember when I was all like,
Where's my pumpkin??
and feeling like a lame-o because halloween was not being celebrated?
Well, that has all changed sister. I've been halloweenin since Thursday.

I crashed a couple parties.
Carved a couple pumpkins.

Wearing the same outfit every night, because I'm a broke college student with a job I vow to quit every time I work. And unfortunately, I don't have a candle to stick inside my pumpkin. But even if I did, we're too afraid to leave it outside due to the frequent raccoons, ants, and hobo's.
BUT, I'm just glad this weekend finally got to feeling Halloweeny.

Every holiday I realize just how much I love holidays. A reason to do nothing but party and eat and have fun with friends! Nothing better. Especially those holidays where work closes and school shuts down, and you walk around America knowing everyone is celebrating with you.
Speaking of America...
I love. America.
I really do. I feel like that saying has just become a cliche. And shouldn't be. America really is a great country. And I've really been in the American spirit, what with General Election Day coming up Tuesday.
I met a guy who was going to the John Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear). And I asked him what it was about. He didn't know. He said nobody really knows. So I looked it up. And I have to say.. I don't think John Stewart even knows what it's about.

"When humor goes, there goes civilization." -Erma Bombeck

I think it's just about America and comedy. I don't know! It's a rally for the calm people of America. For the people who have "not wanted to open their window and shout at the top of their lungs." On a date "of no significance whatsoever."
Supposedly like "Woodstock, but with the nudity and drugs replaced by respectful disagreement."
But, does this tell you what it's about? Because I'm still lost. I even watched it. Well, some of it. Catch Me if You Can, with Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hanks was on, so I flipped to the rally on commercials. (Typical American, I knoww). But the parts of the rally I did see were just people singing, or reading long sarcastic letters/poems, and plenty of other jokes.
Is that what this rally was? Just to get together and laugh about the things we're angry about? Maybe so, if you saw it or know about it, I would love to know what you think it was about!


Poof said...

Still havin' trouble with those hobos? ;)
The rally is for moderates who normally don't rally. Colbert says it doesn't make sense, it's like an Extra Medium size, a medium's a medium, you can't have an Extra Medium, thus you can't have moderates rally, moderates are moderates. It's because the moderates are tired of the freaks and zealots and we need to step up and put our foot down. feet down? foots down?

Butter said...

yeah yeah I got you! I just didn't hear any rallying going on. Just like concerts & comedy shows. Then again I didn't watch the whole thing.

but i think moderates should be allowed to rally without being compared to an extra medium size. If the RNC's & the DNC's can rally then by heck let the MAP's.