Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break of '08

First let me tell you, Spring Break of '08 does NOT rhyme. Just wanted to let you know. If I can't get away with rhyming "sence" & "parents" in Mrs. Lambert's English class, no one is getting away with rhyming "break" & "eight."

I'm a stickler for fairness.

This Spring Break, I only really get 2 days off, because we have a softball game Friday, resulting in Wednesday & Thursday practices.
...Which completely stinks.
But today I went to the beach with some of my friends, & it was really fun! So I guess that can make up for the three days of nothingness I'll have to endure.

But what had happened was...
My friend wrote down all the directions to Edisto Beach, and she took a test drive with her mom. We had 3 vehicles loaded with people following us (ofcourse 1 set of adults. Heaven knows we need adults..) Then we got there & it was freezing cold, so we all just walked down the beach taking pictures & having a shark-tooth-finding competition. Then we all walked to the Pig across the street for no apparent reason. The Pig is just the place to hang out. In Wagener, we hang out at the Pig. In Edisto, we hang out at the Pig.
It's happenin'.
So then we all went shopping in the gift shops and stuff.. I don't think anybody even bought anything. Then we rode in Corey's low-rider for a lil bit, just to feel all the bumps on the rode. Then we went back to the cars and ate, & played frisbie/volleyball. Then went back to the beach & played volleyball & layed on a blanket. Then all the girls went out & swam because we dared each other to. It was actually very fun. & tiring. & freezing.

There was no sun out, but I managed to get burnt.

And so goes the exciting life of Marj.

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Poof said...

Spring Break of 08 does too rhyme. I like how simple and direct Kasci's directions are -- the top says "Way Home."

Love the butt-cam, too.