Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dollar Store Decor

How To Decorate & Organize Your House With Dollar Items

Lately I have been going crazy with cleaning and organizing my house. On the weekends I spend any time I have trying to get organized.

When I moved into the house I'm renting now, I didn't know how long I'd be here. I've moved so much since high school it's crazy. So I didn't bother really moving in, I just set my stuff down and went on with life.

I didn't use my dresser, my closet was mostly storage, and my bathroom was a constant mess.

After finally trying to find the right place for all of my stuff, I realized I need boxes & baskets & drawers for organization, and a little d├ęcor wouldn't hurt!

But that can get expensive. So I hit up the Dollar Tree.

Here's what I found:

 Apple-Cinnamon Potpourri & a $.50 Wicker Basket

I got this more for decoration than smell. It smells really good, it's just not very strong. If you want something that smells really strong, get a candle or some oil to pour over this to enhance the aroma.

Total Cost: $2.50
Cleaning Supply Storage Baskets

I wasn't really sure what I wanted for above the Washer & Dryer, but I knew I needed something to hold all of the cleaning supplies and air fresheners. I almost didn't get these oval carry totes because of the color, but the green actually brightens up the place a little, and I like it.

Total Cost: $2.00
I also got the air freshener sitting on the dryer for $1.00. Why not?

Fake Floral Arrangement

After Valentine's Day I've gotten pretty used to having some nice flowers to brighten up my living room. But I definitely don't have the time or money to keep that up, so fake flowers it is! And these from the Dollar Tree are just as pretty as the ones I saw in other stores for $3 or more a piece.

Total cost: $3.00

Bottle Cluster With Fake Flowers

They're so cheap & pretty.. I had to stock up! I love how this turned out.

Total Cost: $5.00

Makeup Brush/Toothbrush Holders

These cheap glasses from the dollar store mixed with Black Decorative Sand are great makeup brush and toothbrush holders. They definitely help me keep the counters clear and my makeup brushes away from the water.
They'd look really cute painted from the inside.

Total Cost: $2.00

Decorative Mirrors For My Walls

I put one on either side of my living room window for now. They are kind of small but could look good with a vertical shelf and flowers under them. Or I may buy 2 more and hang 4 in a square in my bedroom or bathroom.

Cost: $1.00

Wicker Baskets for Storage

I have yet to use this shelf for anything because of it's weird bars for shelves. Plus it was in a weird place between my toilet and a wall and it was kind of a pain to use. So I moved it and added these $.50 baskets to the shelves and it turned out pretty cute and much more useful for me.

Total Cost: $2.00

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