Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dreamin' in Zambia

I am a dreamer. Can I just tell you that?

I don't know the pure definition of a dreamer. Do they love the word sleep at the mere thought of dreaming? Do they always remember their dreams in the morning? Do they constantly day dream?

Are they the type of people who come up with the craziest, riskiest plans and have faith that it all will work out?

Do they take small ideas and run as far as SC is to Africa with it? Do they ignore the possibility of failure and just hope for the best?

Do they even accept the word failure in their vocabulary?
I don't know.
I told you, I don't know the pure definition of a dreamer.
But nevertheless, I am one.
YES SIR. Because sometimes I spend all day focusing on one idea. Planning a new route for my life, based on this one idea. Pumping myself up, looking up ways to accomplish this dream, rerouting my college career, figuring out how to tell my parents the "new direction" for my life...
I am constantly looking for another way out, another possibility for my life, the perfect solution to living the perfect life.
And today, my solution was to quit school and become a missionary.
I had the whole thing planned out, I googled and took notes and e-mailed people. I planned my life out, convinced myself it would work, and got really, really excited.
This solution stemmed from a speaker in my 11:15 class.
Amy is a junior fashion merchandising student here at the University of South Carolina. She is also involved with Campus Crusade for Christ.
Last summer she went on a Summer Project to Zambia, Africa for 6 weeks and worked with widowed women at the Deborah Orphanage. She felt an overwhelming need to help the women who, after suffering the loss of their husbands, are stripped of all belongings and property, and put through "sexual cleansing" in which she is inherited by the in-laws after having sex with one of her husband's male relatives.
Amy came back to Columbia and started a non-profit organization called Clothed in Hope.
"It’s been proven that when you reach out to an oppressed woman, her impact will be the largest in her community stretching out to her relatives, friends and children, which will even allow for the prevention of orphans. This impact ripples throughout society, lessening the domestic violence rate and AIDS-related risk factors to improve the entire quality of life.
Our dream is to reach out in response to this oppression, to see widows in Zambia be able to sustain themselves through the vocational training offered in order to strengthen their position in society and create a solid path for all who follow in their footsteps. Zambian widows will be able to enjoy a greatly increased quality of life and experience a hope that echoes throughout future generations."
If you want to help Amy on her mission you can check out her website linked above ( and find out ways to help.
You can also read her blog His. to keep up with her progression.
She also has an ClothedinHope on etsy where you can purchase really cute custom shirts and bags, made by Amy with love. Each shirt takes an hour to make and the items range from $12-$18. And of course all of the proceeds go to the cause.
I really hope her mission appeals to you and inspires you as much as it does me. At the very least I hope you are able to check out her sites and give her emotional support.
God bless!


Patti S. said...

Go for it girl! If God is truly calling you to be a missionary, don't resist it! Love you boo!

Tom S said...

Awesome! Feed the passion and let it grow. Love ya...

WhisperingWriter said...

Very cool.

I can also be a bit of a dreamer.