Monday, September 20, 2010

Father Can You Hear Me - Tiffany Evans

This past Sunday I volunteered for Christ Central Ministries – Columbia. I’ve been looking for this place since I moved to Columbia, because I remember volunteering there once before.
When I was younger, our youth group had a mission “trip.” It wasn't much of a trip, 'cause we stayed in town. But we went to a few surrounding areas helping Christ Central out. We spent a few days in town fixing up Dog Man’s house.
(Dog Man is the guy who walked his 8 dogs around town all day, every day.) Mom & I would occasionally stop and offer him a cold drink out of the cooler. You know mom, always filling the cooler so we don’t get parched on our 5 minute trip into town. lol
We spent some more time working at other CCM places and one day, we all volunteered at a homeless shelter in Columbia. It was the best experience I’ve ever had! We served food to the needy and put on a worship service where we got up and sang the best songs ever, such as:
I don’t wanna be a Pharisee, ‘cause they’re not fair ya see, I just wanna be a sheep, baa-baa-baa-baa.
I just remember it as a great experience and loving every minute of it.
And once again, GREAT experience. Not the same experience, but great nonetheless.
I didn’t have my youth group beside me to dance with, or my youth director encouraging me to sing, or the mission leaders to tell me what to do every time I found myself standing still. But, one of the guys who helped out on that mission trip, Steve, was still there.
And I was surrounded by people who needed Jesus, who weren’t too embarrassed or ashamed to cry out to Him whether in pain or in praise. I had a Tyler Perry experience.
That’s right. I felt like I was in a Tyler Perry movie! It was EXACTLY like it. People with similar hardships to the characters in the movie, similar looks, similar singing voices, similar dance moves, and similar faith.
Just for perspective, here’s the clip that kept running through my mind:
ps. if it doesn't play, just click the video again to be directed straight to the video on youtube.

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Poof said...

Awesome! I always wanted to go back there, too, but didn't. Real people, real needs and a real Jesus. Walk the talk, sister.