Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Am I Awake?

It is almost 2:00. And I'm awake. It's not like I can't sleep... I haven't even tried. I just don't feel like it.
I don't feel like sleeping.
I felt that needed highlighting. It's just so strange! Sleeping, for me, has become so great because I dream... and what only takes up 8 minutes feels like it took up 24 hours. And what makes absolutely no sense in real life, seems completly normal. What would never really happen, happens.

Like the time the dinosaur chased my family around my house.
And the time I was the only one saved because I hung off the edge of a cliff until the bad guys were gone.
And the time me & Justin Timberlake went on a date.

I know it makes sense he'd want to date me, but in reality, I would NEVER date him!!
Do you think it's strange that I can remember almost every dream?

I mean, I guess I couldn't tell you how many I've forgotten, because I forgot them. Some before I even woke up... but I think I remember more dreams than most people do. And I remember them vividly. I could tell you every detail to alot of dreams.

Like the time me & dad came home from Florida, Logan and Brocks cars were both sitting in our yard, and I remember thinking, "What is Logan doing here?" Because I wasn't home. I remember I knew Brock was there rapping with Tommy. Then I got out of the car, and saw that every car that was in our front yard had slashes in their tires. So we went in the house, and Logan was doing her homework on our dining room table. I thought it was strange because it was summer. She said she came over to visit Brock before he left. I have no idea how she knew he was over. Then she got an attitude with me, because she couldn't leave because her tires were slashed. So I took her home. Then I woke up.

I dream the most random stuff. It has no point, although most of the time I can look back and see why I was thinking those certain things.

The day I dreamed that, my Dad and I were coming home from Florida. And Brock was at our house rapping with Tommy. But really that's all.

And the night I dreamt about Justin Timberlake, I had seen him on some show right before I fell asleep.

Sometimes dreaming is sooo much better than reality. I cannot understand why I don't want to go to sleep. And I love waking up and remembering the dream. And trying to figure out why I dreamed it. And trying to understand how that made sense.

Maybe, just maybe... dreaming is over rated. Because, when you wake up, reality is a let down. But in reality, you're stuck with reality. So why dream and make reality look like crap? Why not just stay up all night, and make the best of reality?
Because in reality, you have to sleep.


Poof said...

what makes no sense is the thousands of dollars we put into your education and you spell sense like sence.

i can tell it was 2 a.m. and not just because the light was keeping me awake . . .
you're a nut. i will miss you this week!

Anonymous said...

Mr. J

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