Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Typical Day in Our Famously Small Town

Oh my goodness.I think before we get started, you should know, Sara Thomas is a liar!! I am so not jealous of her just because SHE got the prize out of the cracker jack box.

Today my fried Sara and I went for a ride to see this huge house that she said was being built on Shadow Lane. We did see this house, & it was HUGE.

Then at Shay's house her mom, I g
uess, told us the dude who was building it was a famous eventer, Craig Thompson.
Ofcourse, why wouldn't a famous person move to Wagener?

Me & Sara were riding home from Shay's house, on our horses still, when Josh Robins got behind us on his lawn mower. So we pulled over to let him pass (because Sara's horse Rattlesnake freaks at everything).
When we started going again, this man was on his horse walking towards us. I immediately thought it MUST be Craig Thompson, because he looked very fancy. 
He said (to me, not Sara) "I didn't expect to see someone riding a lawn mower down the dirt road."
And I said, "Yeah that's what happens when you come to Wagener."
He laughed. I laughed. We shared a brief moment of laughter.
Now, Sara CLAIMS she's best friends with him. But she's not. I am. I call his horse Marj. I think that's what he named him. But of course Sara claims he's named Sara. (He's not) Sara also claims that she talked with him too. (She didn't) She says she said, "Yeah, haha." But she definitely did not.

When I got home I remembered that Shay's mom (or whoever that was) told us about his website.
So I googled him and saw in his website, he wore the same hat that man on the horse wore. So yeah, my new best friend is definately Craig Thompson.

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